Rebuild of Dunedin Hospital


My proposal is to split the Dunedin hospital rebuild over two locations and two stages. Stage One would utilise the current Wakari Hospital site and start immediately. This stage will result in wards and care accommodation that will be fit for purpose for 100 years. Stage Two, will take 10-15 years and will redevelop the vacated space of the current site in conjunction with the University and community to have produce a world class teaching facility and hospital.

Who will pay for it? … I see the best option as a Private/Public funding mix between ACC, NZ Superannuation fund & the SDHB. Any profits will then be retained for the greater good of the country.

Mental Health

Stage one of the hospital rebuild would focus on producing a very large number of ward space and self-care community style care facilities specifically to provide all levels of support to reduce fragmentation.

Adrian Graamans - Cleverchemist - Blog
Adrian Graamans – Cleverchemist – Blog

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